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Operations, Restructuring and Equality Plans

From Adoria Symmetry we have promoted thecreation of the whistleblowing channel to help our clients get up to date with the protection of sensitive data and the new regulations for the protection of people that report violations of regulations, cases of corruption or sexual and gender-based harassment. 

Adoria Symmetry works together with Adoria Consulting, a firm specialized in helping companies improve their results by implementing improvements in operations management and by advising on business restructuring plans.

Within the operations consulting area, we analyze the operation of our clients to identify opportunities for improvement and we work together with them to design and implement changes in processes, in the management model and/or in their organizational structure that are practical. , sustainable over time and have an impact on the operating results of the company. 

Adoria Consulting founded Adoria Symmetry in 2021. It is an equality consultancy, in which we work according to the guidelines of the Ministry of Equality so that companies align with the regulations of the Diagnosis of the Equality Plan, included in the Royal Decrees 901/2020 and 902/2020.

At Adoria Symmetry we have developed a versatile tool that allows us toPrepare the necessary documents for any organization, from Salary Records to the Equality Plan itself, quickly and efficiently.  

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