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The whistleblowing channel
anonymous and personalized
for you and for your clients

Get up to date with Law 2/2023 and integrate a complaints channel so that your work teams, clients and suppliers have a space through which to report any irregularity anonymously and in the language they want.

Plataforma de canal de denuncias para empresas. Personalizable y anonima.


What companies need a whistleblowing channel?

Law 2/2023, regulating the protection of people who report breaches of regulations and the fight against corruption, known asWhistleblowing Directive, forces thepublic and private sector entities with 50 or more employees to implement "internal information systems", or complaint channels that must meet certain requirements and guarantees, such as the complainant's right to remain anonymous. 


Adapted to regulations, with a customizable, intuitive and easy-to-implement interface

A personalized reporting channel

The workers of the company may report any irregularityanonymously and in the language they want.

You can manage complaints internally

Each manager will receive the complaintsautomatically based on permission levelassigned by the administrator or depending on the type of complaint.

A control panel for the administrator

The administrator maydesignate various levels of permissions between its managers andaccess for external collaborators from your control panel, as well asrefer complaints directly to an external provider.

canal de denuncias marca blanca, personalizable con logo de la empresa

ISO 27001

​Easy to use

servers in europe



Why choose the Adoria Symmetry whistleblowing channel?


Plans for agencies,
consulting or directly
For businesses

partner program

Acquire the whistleblowing channel for marketing. we'll take care oftrain you so that you learn to personalize it and adapt it according to the needs of your clients, which you can manage through a control panel.We have designed this partner program especially for agencies, law firms and organizations related to HR, data protection and business training. 

for your company

Hire the whistleblowing channel for your company. We take care ofadapt it to your needs, configuring the profiles that you request with the appropriate level of permissions. Likewise, we will train your team in its use and we will give them technical support when they require it.We will also personalize the complaints channel according to your brand design.

Plataforma de denuncia, seguridad informática


We guarantee the maximum security of your data

At Adoria Symmetry we take computer and legal security very seriously, both for the user companies and for the complainant. We are prepared to provide the necessary legal certainty to our clients, complying with all relevant national and international regulations for anyone who uses our complaints channel.


Adoria Symmetry's expertise

We promote the complaints channel fromAdoria Symmetry, a consultancy specialized in equality. Through the experience acquired with our clients, we have detected thegrowing need in companies to implementa complaints channel to be able to communicate any irregularity anonymously, securely and in any language.

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