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Conditions adapted to your company and the needs of your clients

plataforma de denuncias contratación online

Partner Program

Hire the whistleblowing channel for marketing. You will have all the options to design, adapt and personalize the channel according to the needs of your clients, you will be able to grant permissions and access and establish the conditions that you deem most favorable for its commercialization to third parties. In addition, you can refer the management of complaints to entities specialized in their resolution from the complaints channel itself.

In the same way as in the mode offor your companyyou will always have himSupport from our team of technicians, who will advise you if necessary.

Our partner program is focused onlaw firms, managementorities and other organizations that provide administrative and legal services for companies, as well as entities dedicated to the human resources sector, data protection or professional training. 

for your company

Hire the whistleblowing channel for your company.Our The technical team will be in charge of enabling the platform, as well as granting access to your work teams, managers and administrators. During the implementation period,We will adapt the software to the needs of your company and with your brand design.

Of course, and although the platform is easily adaptable and modifiable internally,You will have the technical support of our team and advisory servicewhenever you need it.

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